Adobe's 99U Conference went from a live event at the Lincoln Center to a digital conference. We shipped out laser-cutting creative experiences to 500 designers.


When Adobe’s 99U Conference went from a live event at the Lincoln Center to an online digital experience, event organizers wanted to preserve some of the in-person flavour.

In collaboration with Adobe and Staedtler, the MakeLab team designed an experience where guests customized sets of gorgeous colored pencils. Guests were able to sketch out designs and upload them with Adobe Capture. Once received by our design team, MakeLab laser-engraved the sets, and mailed them out to 500 guests around the world, along with a sharable video of each guests’ individual designs being laser-fabricated. Guests were guided through the entire experience on an Adobe-branded site, with instructional videos and an integrated ordering platform.

This was MakeLab’s largest virtual-creative experience since the COVID crisis began. Our team worked with teams at Adobe and Staedtler, to design a custom experience that would speak specifically to Adobe’s guests, and make Adobe Capture and Staedtler products the heroes of the show. Guests showed their love, sharing their videos and unboxings from around the world.


Guests received this emailer with their GIF video attached

A selection of images guests shared on instagram

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