An absurdly sophisticated gingerbread house design experience for Autodesk Construction Cloud partners.

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Sophisticated, with just the right amount of silly, Autodesk’s top clients and partners were invited to a happy hour, where they were guided through designing custom gingerbread houses. Our team then went to work, 3D printing the cookie cutters required to make each house a reality, sending bespoke kits to guests’ homes across the continent.

Future Now is Microsoft Canada's premier event for Canadian business leaders, focused on real-world digital transformation and AI innovation. Virtual attendees could select one of ten workshops held across the two-day event. 


Led by MakeLab creative director Jonathan Moneta, and technical lead Amy Wang, guests were given a quick but comprehensive introduction to generative design, and its impact on industry and manufacturing. Guests used Microsoft OneNote to collaborate on a shared canvas, working together to draw starting shapes for the generative design software to use. After participants drew shapes, our design team imported the canvas into Autodesk Fusion 360. Guests watched as the software generated gorgeous artifacts based on their work.

Workshops were held using Microsoft Teams, with MakeLab moderators on hand to answer questions as they came up. At the conclusion of the workshops, designs were laser-cut, and mailed out to each participant.

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Attendees connected to our huge virtual drafting table live in studio, where our design team was able to edit, comment, and collaborate with all guests, live. Autodesk's Construction Cloud was threaded through the entire experience, from designing though planning. Guests received gingerbread construction kits, complete with custom 3D printed cookie cutters and blueprints to build the house they designed.


Guests received their custom gingerbread cookie cutters along with other ingredients in the mail.


Custom blueprints to assist in building your gingerbread house

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