Microsoft wanted to show C-level execs how Surface Studio was a crazy-powerful tool for industrial-design work.
We set up a walk-up design bar
in the foyer of the conference.

Here’s a quick recap of what we did with Microsoft at Microsoft Envision Chicago. We set up a Surface design bar, and brought our fleet of seven 3D printers. Guests were greeted by the MakeLab creative team and taken through five-minute 3D design experiences on Surface Studio and Surface Book. Guests used Surface Pen to design gorgeous curvilinearor desk artifacts, and watched as their creations were printed it on our fleet of on-site 3D printers. When done, guests placed their artifacts in a photo lightbox, and took photos to share.

MakeLab's brought future-tools like 3D printers and laser cutters to events around the world, delivering hands-on design experiences that can be customized for very specific audiences, from manufacturing, to pharma, to education. We’ve set up design experiences at some of Microsoft’s largest public and private events, engaging guests at the World Partner Conference (below), and World MasterCard Fashion Week.

For events in two weeks or two months, on individual events or year-long experiential campaign strategies, our team is happy to help.


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