Using an Industrial Laser as a Creme Brulee Torch for Microsoft’s World Partner Conference Closing Night Party


Toronto was playing host to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference. Microsoft was looking for a never-before-seen interactive to engage guests at their closing night party at one of Toronto’s top outdoor venues.

We thought we’d bring our laser cutter to the centre of the event, and set up a design bar with several Microsoft Surface design stations. Guests would freehand draw, or drag-and-drop pre-designed themed artifacts. When ready, designs would be sent to our laser cutter, which we’d use to caramelize designs into colourful french macarons. (Despite the case title, macarons are not creme brulee’s of course, but the caramelization effect is similar).

With five design stations and one of our three laser cutters, we were able to serve sixty guests an hour. Each guest walked away with a boxed confection of their own making. Branded packaging allowed guests to bring their custom macaron home as a gift, though of course many guests enjoyed them on-site. The experience utilized Surface at every step, from design to the operation of the laser cutter, showing off Surface as a powerful tool, and the focus of a delightful experience for guests.

“Who uses lasers to caramelize food? Clients usually take their time approving ideas — not this time. The activation was inventive and phenomenally popular in the client pitch and event itself, especially so in that it incorporated the client’s flagship device at the heart of the experience. We had a 15-minute lineup from the moment doors opened and it continued to close.”

— Bart Gordon, Senior Account Director, Mosaic

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